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TBProAudio released a Brand New Professional Free Meter VST Plugin

mvMeter2 Deluxe

TBProAudio has released a brand new professional free meter plugin named mvMeter2 which is an improved and feature-rich version of the mvMeter.

mvMeter2 includes various professional metering modes like RMS (useful for checking average level), EBUR128 (useful for a live and broadcast purposes), VU (useful for checking the average loudness), and PPM (for checking the consistent transient peaks).

One of the new features in the mvMeter2 is adjustable reference level that can be used for all metering modes which makes it best free metering plugin alternative to premium audio plugins available in the market.

The ability to resize the interface up to 400% for ease of viewing on the large screens, 4k displays and newly added adjustable meter delaying, presets management feature makes it worth trying.

mvMeter2 is real-time and accurate, thanks to the 64-bit internal processing of the plugin. You can use it for stereo, mid-side and left-right multi-channel metering applications and it also has the five different themes that are useful if you are using multiple instances of the mvMeter2.

Free Metering Plugin: TBProAudio mvMeter2 (available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Mac users)

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