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Save 99% off Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Technology


GET THE DEAL | (Price $1 only) | Starts 22 Nov 2017 – Ends Feb 12, 2018

Hybrid 3 is a virtual soft synth designed by AIR Music Technology, Hybrid 3 offers the next generation synthesis in the box with the high definition sound with retaining that old is gold kind of analog warmth.

The Hybrid 3 comes with three oscillators with one sub oscillator, as a result, you can create huge pads and leads by stacking these 3 high-quality oscillators. The two multi-function oscillators can create classical, subtractive synthesis waveforms at an analog. In addition, these oscillators also have algorithms for digital wavetables you can choose from various waveform to get creative.

Filters can run in either serial mode or in parallel it depends on the type of sound you want to design. To get the warm synth sounds from the ’70s and ’80s use Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF), there is also a Digitally Controlled Filter (DCF) to make filter sound more digital.

You will definitely use the revolutionary multi-mode filters to control the frequency and tone of a part by eliminating or highlighting certain frequencies, choose from 23 modes. The doubling buttons are embedded in each part to enlarge and thicken those sounds even more. Turn the doubling buttons to the max to get dramatic sounds or mix it gently with a smooth compression effect.

Hybrid 3 has the onboard 16-step sequencers have been revamped for more programming and sequencing flexibility. Now, steps can be linked together to vary sequencer rhythm, manipulate note dynamics, and create advanced modulation patterns.

Like before, both step sequencers can function as a composition tool or an extra modulation source, making it easy to create patches that move and evolve. This softsynth also offers flexible and easy-to-use modulation matrices with 16 assignable modulation sources and more than 20 destinations each.

Hybrid 3 provides two insert effect sends per part, each with more than 40 effect types, so you can quickly change the sound of a part. A separate master effects section lets you select reverb, delay, and chorus effects to enhance or warp any of the sounds at the patch level, easily adjust effect parameters and sync effects to a chosen tempo.


  • Six-oscillator subtractive and wavetable virtual synthesizer with 1200+ inspiring presets.
  • Includes 200+ all-new sounds and 1000+ refreshed patches from Hybrid 2.0.
  • Comprised of two simultaneous parts, each loaded with 3 oscillators and a sub-oscillator, filters, LFOs, envelopes, and effects for creating complex patches.
  • All-new Doubling controls for quickly thickening and widening patches.
  • Revamped step sequencers allow you to link steps together for rhythmic variation, syncopation, and advanced modulation patterns.
  • All-new Oscillator Restart for punchy bass sounds, runs, and sequences.
  • Dual series or parallel filters with vintage Voltage Controlled Filter modes for retro synth sounds.
  • Flexible modulation options with 8 LFOs including Pump for the pumping-and-breathing effect.
  • Comprehensive editing parameters for the ultimate in sound tweaking.
  • Sample-accurate synthesis for super-fast envelopes and high-definition sound.
  • Performance-driven features, including modulation matrices and multiple step sequencers for maximum playability.
  • Available in VST and AAX plugin formats for both 32- and 64-bit operating systems and in AU for 64-bit operating systems.

The Presets expansion pack are also available for $1 each, $1 Hybrid 3 Preset packs

More Info: AIR Music Tech Hybrid 3 (available for Win and Mac, price $1 on sale)

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