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Professional Audio Mixing Trick with Pink Noise, The Pink Noise Mixing Trick

Audio Mixing with Pink Noise

Pink Noise Mixing Trick

You might already be heard about pink noise mixing trick or not, it’s an audio mixing trick that uses pink noise as a reference to balance the volume of the multi-tracks of your mixing sessions.

You will need pink noise, create your own or download it from here BDP-Pink-Noise.wav (30 Secs)

How does pink noise mixing trick works

Well, it’s fairly simple! If you observe few songs on frequency spectrum analyzer you will find a similar result like this image.

pink noise mixing trick img 01
Professional Sounding Mix in Visual

Little bump on lows and all the other frequencies are smoothly evened out. In visual your mixes should look like the above image.

Now If you take pink noise and observe in frequency spectrum analyzer, you will see nearly similar frequency curves. See this image.

pink noise mixing trick img 02
Pink Noise Visualization

How to use pink noise mixing trick

The main purpose of this pink noise mixing trick is to get all your tracks at a balanced level to start out your further mixing process, this pink noise trick makes it easier and faster.

The first step is to import multi-tracks you want to mix, now import pink noise you downloaded from the above link.

Now bring the faders of your multi-tracks and pink noise all the way down.

Now bring back the volume of pink noise track until it peaks -9dB to -6dB, this range is where all the professional mix engineers work with!

Start bringing back the volume of each track of your mixing session. First, your drum track, bring the volume up until you bearly hear it with pink noise.

Once done! mute that track and do the similar process with every other track(your snares, hats, bass, and other instruments and synths).

After all the steps done, delete the pink noise track from your mixing session as you don’t need it anymore. After deleting your pink noise, unmute all the tracks.


Now you will get nearly balanced tracks of your mixing session. Your mix may sound bad but remember you just balanced the volume of your multi-tracks.

Now you can do the further process like eqingcompressing and other processing to polish your mixes and adjust the volume according to your taste.

Remember pink noise trick is used to balance the volume of your multi-tracks, you might wanna bring down or up little bit volume here and there!

Hope you find this trick useful. thanks for reading, share, comment if you like this trick.

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