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Free Plugin of the Week – STEREO TOOL

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Free Plugin of the Week - Stereo Tool
Easy to use, simple and powerful stereo manipulation plugin.
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Stereo Tool is a utility mixing stereo plugin contains some useful elements for tweaking stereo input signals and can be used to re-balance or shape the stereo field and mid-side (M/S) audio information and place it anywhere in the stereo field. Download it by clicking Stereo Tool.

It is not loaded with unwanted controls that we use rarely, instead, it has only a few yet very powerful controls that are enough to manipulate stereo field. Kindly note that this is a stereo plugin so use it on stereo tracks only. Without any more words. let’s see this plugin’s controls and features.

L/R Balance

The relative balance of the left and right channels of the input signal. Moving the slider towards one side decreases the volume of the opposite channel. Setting the slider all the way to “L” will allow only the left channel to pass through while setting it all the way to “R” allows only the right channel to pass through.

It is very useful when you have a drum loop that contains, for ex. a hi-hat/closed hat on little on the left channel and you want to give more impact on those hats, move the L/R balance slider to the L, will do the work. It is not possible with the simple pan function.

If you don’t want to use the L/R balance simply place it in the middle, this way it will not do anything. By default, every slider is placed in the middle.

M/S Balance

M/S Balance controlling slider is what I like the most and is the amazing feature, it is a very unique feature to have in any free stereo width and enhance plugin. The work of this slider is to give more focus either to the mid-channel information or on the side channel information.

Slide it to the “M” if you want to reduce the side channel information and want the mid-channel to be more focused and slide it to “S” if you want more of the side channel information. Let’s say you have a synth or any instrument track that lacks some stereo width, sliding towards the “S” will increase the width as it will increase the width of that track.


The position of the signal in the stereo field. Moving the slider towards one side moves the center of the stereo image towards that side. Setting the slider all the way to the left will cause both the left and right channels of the input signal to be panned hard left while setting it all the way to the right will cause both channels to be panned hard right. The center position passes the signal without change.

The PAN control comes after the “Balance” and “Mono” controls in the signal chain, allowing for the signal to be balanced, summed to mono, and then panned as needed. Due to the nature of M/S encoding, when the “M/S Balance” is set all the way to “S” the “Pan” control will not move the signal left to right and instead will decrease the volume when moved off center.

Other controls include Flip L/R which is useful for Swapping the positions of the left and right channels of the plugin output. Mono Sums the left and right channels to mono. Use Bypass for bypassing the plugin and Volume controls the output volume, Use the “Volume” setting to compensate for perceived level changes due to the other processing in order to more accurately judge the plugin’s effect.


Setreo Tool is easy to use powerful mixing utility plugin to manipulate the stereo field of any stereo track. Use it to fix some common problems during mixing audio or at the mastering stage. It is free plugin for 64 bit Windows and Mac.

Get it Here: Stereo Tool (free)

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