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Free Plugin of the Week – MS EQ COMP

free MS EQ Compressor VST plugin
Free MS EQ and Compressor that sounds as any prei=mium plugins are very rare.
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This week’s plugin is called MS EQ COMP free edition by the Japanese VST plugin developer company called Internet Co. As the name of the plugin implies, it is a Mid-Side Equalizer and Compressor plugin. This plugin is like a channel strip where you find the EQ compressor and other processors.

MSEQComp encodes the standard STEREO (left/right) signal to MS (middle and side) encode. EQ and Compressor can be added separately to middle and side. When the link is activated the plugin operates as stereo EQ, compressor. The left part is for Center or mid-processing and the right part of the plugin is for side processing. At the bottom of the middle of the plugin, the LINK button is available that can be activated or deactivated.

Each left and right has its own dedicated EQ and compressors with full control over mid and sides. Each processor can be enabled or disabled, depends on your preferences and what type of end result you want from the processing. Addition to that you can use the Pan and Volume knob and slider to shape the audio furthermore. Let’s see the processors of this plugin in more detail.

3 band EQ

The EQ of this plugin has 3 bands the first band is Low-frequency shelving, the second band is peaking for mid to mid-high frequencies and the third band is high-frequency shelving.

Each band can be cut or boosted, the drop-down menu contains the frequencies to be processed, you can only choose the frequencies from the list. If you don’t want to use the EQ, then simply disable it, all the processors are disabled by default.


New to the term compression, see this post, Audio Compressor Basics. The compressor of this plugin has all the features that most compressors have.

THRESHOLD – The value of the input level (maximum 0.0dB) to activate Compressor. Any signal above the specified threshold will be compressed.

ATTACK – The amount of time before the compressor reaches the specified ratio after the input signal exceeds the specified threshold.

RELEASE – The amount of time before the gain returns to its original level once the input signal falls below the threshold.

RATIO – The amount of gain reduction.

OUTPUT – The output level or makeup gain of the compressor.

Addition to this the meter is provided which shows the real-time gain reduction that is helpful to see in visuals, how much compression you are applying, don’t over compress. one last thing, on the left, the meter shows the input levels and at the right, the meter shows the output levels.


First and most important thing is that there are not lots of free Mid-Side processing plugins available that works on both 32 bit and 64-bit processors and having EQ and Compressor that has potential to process Mid and side is very rare in free vst plugins. MS EQ COMP sounds like any other premium MS compressor or EQ available on the internet, you have to try it on your own and it is worth trying.

High-quality output sound, user-friendly.
Should have independent frequency control in the EQ section.


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