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Eurorack modulemaker Expert Sleepers launchs General CV


By adding the 1990s to the 1960s, the general CV software has almost a synthesizer that allows adventurous users to create sounds that go far beyond the familiar, joyful and constant General MIDI speakers that they may be familiar with.

From here so the level behaves like a VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) to create complex chords and textures – even when the drum sounds are misused the general curriculum vitae offers a rich assortment of fresh flavors in the Eurock modular menu à la carte.

You can enjoy the past with the current generic CV to play MIDI files from any 80’s pop music that has been casually downloaded from the Internet.

It is wise to have a shirt, expert Sleepers director Andrew ‘Os’ Ostler scandalous general CV tone may be able to buy a pinch of salt (synthesized).

“Eurorack users have denied important voices for too long, such as” Voice Oohs, “Orchestra Hit, “and” Shakuhachi, “says the Eurorack expert before adding” We are glad to have CV control where they are. ”

However, the general CV has many modes of operation, including behavior as a modular VCO, but a multitimbral synthesizer and massive polyphonic sound source engine; automatically create chords and arpeggios from a tone.

Playing MIDI files on a MicroSD (Secure Digital) card, including special support for playing synchronized loops for clock pulses; and as a drum machine, there are up to nine separate drum inputs. In each mode, the internal four-band EQ, as well as stereo chorus and reverb effects are also beneficial.

The connection is made with nine inputs and two outputs – all in mono jacks (TS) of 3.5 mm. The outputs are marked with L and R and are simply the stereo outputs of the stereo MIDI synthesizer with a maximum output level of ± 8V (maximum peak of 16V).

The X and Y inputs are digital, typically for doors or clocks – simple on / off signals (expected voltage range between 0 and + 5V); inputs 1, 2 and 3 are 10-bit analog single pole CV links (expected range 0 to +5 V); the inputs from 4 to 7 are high-resolution 14-bit analog bipolar CVs (expected voltage range of -5V to + 5V), protected against external voltage damage outside the recommended range (provided the Eurorack standard is ± 12V ).

Five front panel encoders function as pushbuttons to allow easy access to different functions depending on the current mode, but generally, work as follows:

A (navigate the system); B (rotate the parameter settings, press to go to the next parameter page, press, hold down and scroll through the parameter pages); C (rotate the parameter setting, press to return to the first parameter page); D (adjust parameter settings, press display mode information); E (adjust the parameter setting, press to display the input key).

However, general CV users do not have to “fly blind”. It is useful that a small, but perfectly designed screen fits perfectly with the 12HP module, so the navigation of glasses is much simpler than the demonstration SUPERBOOTH 4HP-smaller the prototype that precedes the finished article.

“Under the hood is basically the same,” concludes its creator with a more remarkable observation: “A general module based on MIDI, but completely controlled by CV, with a general idea that you can access the powerful synthesis power of General MIDI with a sound chip, but with CVs in a very creative way. ”

The general guidelines for CV creativity go even further, the “General MIDI” module follows in the footsteps of a similarly distinctive attraction to professional sleepers mk4 – The latest (fourth) enhancement of the iteration of Euro racks award-winning multifunctional “multi-in-one” module has been introduced successfully.

The NAMM Show in 2017 in Anaheim, California – including the company’s red and blue backlit flashy connectors securely locked a business for all who use the 1991 MIDI standard for electronic instruments respond to MIDI messages that hit in the wonderful world of Eurorack today and shout and have creative CV control options this modular world!

More Info: Expert Sleepers General CV

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