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4 Best Free Reverb Plugins That Will Actually Make Your Mix Better


I have chosen the best sounding high-quality free reverb plugins with useful features that sound amazing and can actually beat any similar commercial reverb plugins available in the market. You can use these free plugins as an alternative to reverb plugin which is already available inside you DAWs.

OldSkoolVerb by Voxengo

With nice user interface to sound quality and separate EQ section for further shaping your reverb sound this free reverb vst got it all, in short Old is Gold. It comes with ready to use professionally designed presets to get you started. In this free vst there are some features that I want to talk about.

First is Mode, there are five modes available to choose your reverb sound from, Plus, Deep, Reverse, Old, Slapback. Each mode works differently and gives different reverb favor.

Second is Damping, this free vst have lo damping in addition to high damping which is hard to find in free reverb plugins. It makes very easy to get rid of reverb on the low end. this plugin uses little CPU, not too much but uses some, you get my point.

Free Download/More Info: OldSkoolVerb (Available as Vst, Vst3, AU for 32bit/64bit Mac & Windows)

Oril River by Denis Tihanov

This updated version of Oril River sounds amazing on anything you put into, the graphical user interface is straightforward, looks good and it easy to use. With features that can be found on most premium expensive plugins. The presets that comes with this plugin are professionally crafted and they sound amazing on their own.

Let’s try some of the available presets(Presets are not tweaked in any way in following examples):

Dry Audio

Preset: Guitar Room

Preset: Space Synthesizers

Preset: Deep Cave

Preset: Vibration 1

After hearing these audio examples, you can hear the potential of this free reverb plugin. It is my favorite free reverb vst and it is available for both Mac and Windows users.

Free Download/More Info: OrilRiver (Download is available via KVR as 32bit and 64bit Win & Mac)

Safe Reverb by Semantic Audio

This free reverb plugin is lightweight and easy to use, it is a part of the SAFE plugin collection of their free plugin segment. Minimal GUI, easy to use parameters and online presets sharing makes it worth trying. I tried it and it sounds good and has very low CPU consumption.

I have created some presets, you can use them. Here is the list of presets, simply search any presets from the following list, load it and use it.

  • SynthRoom
  • EDM_Pluck_BDP
  • Minimal_BDP
  • RimSnare_01_bigdreaproducer.com

Free Download/More Info: SAFE Reverb (Available as Vst for 32 bit/64bit Linux, Mac & Windows)

Commercial Reverb Free by Bitsonic

The first free reverb plugin from the three reverb plugins is Bitsonic’s Commercial Reverb Free. It is also available as the paid version with extra features. Use it on kicks, drum loops as it gives instance ambiance or space, use the preset named Kick Sense of Space, this preset works like a charm on kick drums, especially EDM Kicks and loops. You can use it as regular reverb plugin but I found it very useful on kick drums and loops just to bring life to the drum kits, it also very user-friendly.

Free Download/More Info: Commercial Reverb Free (Available as Vst plugin for 32bit Windows only)

Here are some Honorable Mentions:

Roboverb by Kushview

PianoVerb by PSP Audioware

Reverb Solo by Acon Digital

TAL Reverb 2 by TAL

KR-Reverb FS by Kresearch

Riviera by NuSpace Audio

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