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4 Benefits Of Scaler That Will Level Up Your Music


Plugin Boutique Scaler

I hope you are having fun with a popular plugin “Scaler” and are creating beautiful chord progressions with it. But if you haven’t heard about the Scaler, it is a MIDI effect which makes your chord progression creation process, a fun. It is developed by Plugin Boutique. In this article, you will read some great features of Scaler and why it is important to have it in your plugin collection.

Using Automatic Detection

It is not mandatory to have Ph.D. in music to create a beautiful tune, you can make great songs by just using your ears. But sometimes you stuck in between the creation process, in this case, the scaler helps a lot, because of its scale detection ability. It automatically detects what key you are using, especially when you have midi with no labeling on it. Just start the detect mode and see the magic.

Addition to this, the complete list of scales available to choose according to the mood you want to express through your songs. Each scale has listed moods in front of each scales. This makes you take a quicker decision in selecting the scale to begin with or if you already started the melody, the detect mode will tell you what key you are in.

Built-in List of Premade Chord Progressions

The scaler comes with lots of premade chord progressions designed by qualified professionals and guarantees that you will get inspired just by listening to these chords. The chord progressions are sorted by Songs and Artists categories, there is also a User section that will let you browse through your own chord progression that you created in the scaler.

When you select a particular preset from the song or artist section, you will see that bunch of chords is showing (with what key is in and shows the scale) and what nice about these chords is that no matter how you play them they will sound amazing in most cases. Next, there is a section let call it your blank sketchpads, just drag and drop the chords into this section. You can also change the voicing and also invert the chords if you want, there is no limit.

Just so you know, that each scale in Scaler has chords made for you so you can fly you imaginations without any limits of lack of music theory and lets you compose the radio hits within few minutes.

Drag n Drop Midi Export

One of the most important features of the Scaler is midi export, you have to drag and drop the entire set of chords into your desired Synth’s arrangement window and this will automatically create the midi for you. Addition to this you can export any single chord from the Scaler by the same drag and drop process. By exporting single chords you will be able to create awesome rhythmic chord progressions with ease.

A Tool for Everyone

A Scaler is a tool for everyone, from newborn music lover to experienced music composer, anyone can use the Scaler and have fun while composing. Using Scaler is easy as cream, this tool generate song ideas for you within a matter of time. Overall it is a very handy tool to have in every music composer’s plugin collection.

If you didn’t have a chance to get it till now, you can get Scaler on the link below. It is developed and distributed by Plugin Boutique.

Get it Here: Plugin Boutique Scaler

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