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Wejaam released Free Groove Box Vst Wejaam Designer


Wejaam released wejaam designer a groove box vst plugin which is available for free on their website. This free vst plugin combines very useful features like the sequencer, groove randomizer, etc. It is available as Vst instrument as well as standalone version.

Reminds me Idrum a drum sequencer by Izotope, this free vst plugin is very useful when you stuck in your drum programming or groove programming phase, it can create instant grooves. You can tune your samples up or down in pitch, you can use your DAW’s piano roll, much more.

Wejaam Designer is free to use, it can create drum patterns very fast have built-in drum patterns and so many things to try. I recommend you to try yourself and I know you will be making catchy drum grooves in a matter of seconds.

Registering Wejaam Designer might be tricky for some people nor not. When you open this plugin, go to the menu section and click on a license, a small window will pop up. Enter your registered email that you used before downloading the plugin and click on get key.

The license key will be sent to your email address, now just copy this key and reload the plugin, please follow the above procedure with vst plugin and not standalone, I don’t know why but standalone version was kept saying “you are in demo mode”, even after activating the license, then I tried the above procedure on vst plugin version inside my DAW and now both standalone and vst versions are running smoothly.

Here are some audio examples I created(No effects added, using my own drum samples):

Drum loop with groovy claps and 808 drums

Drum loop with finger snap and snare groove

Free Download/More Info: Wejaam (available as vst and standalone versions, for Mac & Windows users)

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