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Sugar Audio EQ Filterizor Q Pro with Free Version

Sugar Audio Filterizor Q Pro Free Version

Sugar Audio released Filterizor Q Pro along with free version, an EQ plugin with Powerful 2D / 3D equalizer and filters which are perfect for mixing, mastering, creative effects and live sessions.

Filterizor Q Pro combines vintage analog graphics with the modern benefits of the digital domain.

Application areas:

  • EQ control center
  • Detailed spectrum equalizing & filtering in mixing, mastering, live & teaching sessions
  • Effect equalization and custom resonance filtering
  • Complementary EQing
  • Averaged spectrum comparison of channels (e.g. reference tracks or instruments/voices)
  • Spectrum interference visualization (lightens parts with most activity).

The free version is limited (for example, there is no 3D, no multi-channel support, fewer controls and filters
Types / Models, max. 2 filters, first filter order, no FFT customization, zero delay mode only).

More Info: Sugar Audio

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