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Sinevibes Drift a Free Dual Chaos Multi-Effect for Mac OS

Sinevibes Drift

Drift is two independent Lorenz chaos oscillator based multifunctional processors. These systems are used by scientists to model fluid and gas convection: they correlate with each other with chaotic fluctuations, which never repeat signals.

Drift uses a Lorenz oscillator to apply two-dimensional modulation to an effect unit using filters, phases, and phases and uses another of these oscillators at the output level and the stereo input tray. With this, drift can give any sound to the dynamic characteristics of wind turbines, air turbulence, ocean waves or water bubbles.

All Drift features are beautifully presented with a completely intuitive interface that is color-coded graphics. Graphical representation of two Lorenz oscillators, as well as fine animations for all controls for a pleasant and natural user experience. With careful calibration of parameters, Drift is always a fun tool, but very musical and productive.

Sound engine

  • Two Lorenz chaos oscillators with adjustable speed and output curve shaping.
  • Multi-effect unit featuring 15 different filters, phaser and flanger algorithms.
  • Four modulation destinations: two effect parameters, output level, and stereo pan.


  • Real-time graphics for Lorenz chaos oscillators.
  • Color-coded controls with lightly animated transitions.
  • Fully hardware-accelerated rendering with support for Retina screen resolution.


  • Works with any application that supports Audio Unit effect plugins.
  • Supports OS X 10.6 or later running on 32 or 64 bit Intel Macs.

More Info: Sinevibes Drift (Note: Only for Mac OS)

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