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Roland has Released RP102 Digital Piano

Roland RP 102

Roland launches the RP102, the award-winning digital RP pianos. With advanced Roland premium pianos, the RP102 delivers the highest quality sound and is compact and space-saving. With the modern Bluetooth® connection, users can wirelessly connect to a smartphone or tablet to enhance learning and enjoyment with the Roland Piano Partner 2 and other useful music applications.

The RP102 is an ideal home piano and is perfect for learning studios, practice rooms, and other musical educational environments.

Roland’s free Piano Partner 2 application for iOS and Android mobile devices is a perfect complement to the RP102. Through Bluetooth wireless connectivity, the application introduces digital music for the internal music of the piano and the pages are automatically activated when playing a song.

Users can practice each individual hand by silencing the left or right side and adjust the tempo freely if necessary. The app also provides access to background music and flashcard games that help you develop skills in smart accompaniment and musical practices.

The simple and direct interface RP102 allows users to listen to music with piano music. When using Piano Artist 2, the deeper functions of the piano can be accessed from the mobile device.

Piano and non-piano tones have different songs and it is possible to put two sounds side by side. The application allows users to explore the songs on the piano deck, choose songs and more.

The RP102 is set to play more than 200 music on hold, including traditional music, classical masterpieces by Mozart and Beethoven, the famous piano performances by Hanon and Czerny.

There is also a built-in metronome that has variable time signature and is an essential practice for different levels of players. In twin piano mode, the keyboard is divided into two 44 piano pianos so that two people can play together.

With Roland’s piano sound and feel, the RP102 will continue to stimulate the way the user is playing and developing. SuperNATURAL piano technology delivers rich, expressive sound from an acoustic piano, while the standard PHA-4 keyboard responds exactly to all tones in the game.

The onboard dynamic speaker system delivers rich, satisfying sound that fills the room. It is also possible to connect headphones and mute the speakers, so nighttime practice may prevent others from interfering.

The RP102 is made of three integrated metal pedals that provide a sense of authenticity. In addition, it supports mid-track control to play more advanced piano pieces, which is not typical of typical entry-level instruments.

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