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Roland Announced All New D-05 Linear Synthesizer


Roland announces Linear Synthesizer D-05, the latest development of the growing electronic instrumentation Roland Boutique. The D-05 is compact the Roland D-50’s linear synthesizer reproduction in the late 1980s, one of the most influential synthesizers.

The voice of newly developed digital circuits behavior (DCB) with the actual samples used in the original instrument, the D-05 delivers the D-50 iconic sounds, highly recognizable, with full authenticity, supported comfort and convenience of the compact and affordable Roland Boutique modules.

The 1987 D-50 was the first digital synthesizer for Roland. the Revolutionary linear arithmetic (LA) synthesis engine, a unique blend of the device in the sample attacks and synthesized maintenance waveforms – built-in choir, reverb/delay and EQ quality polishing studio – an indispensable synthesizer for musicians around the world.

The D-50 is in bold new tones and wonderfully elaborate artists inspired presets everywhere and literally mastered
folk music, movie sets, and the commercial jingle era. To celebrate the 30th anniversary this gigantic anniversary in the history of synthesis gives Roland an inspiring experience the real D-50 experience today and beyond.

The D-05 core is the first synthesizer with Roland’s DCB technology. Along with the exact PCM attacks and loop patterns that were so vital to the D-50 sound, D-05 reproduced accurately all in shades in stunning detail.

The user interface is completely authentic, the D-50 and many direct access controls. Even all major D-50 joysticks are included, allowing users to smoothly mix different mixes of top and bottom tones in real time.

The D-05 also includes a number of modern upgrades that are not available on the original D-50. The 64-step-by-step polyphonic sequencer is ideal for performance and music creation and is capable of the mixture in series and the time of the door, changes in rhythm and repair. There is also built-in arpeggiator for the D-05 to add intimate tones of LA Synthesis.

Like all Roland Boutique modules, the D-05 is a highly portable USB bus and functions as USB audio / MIDI interface equipment. It also includes a built-in speaker that monitors sound in mobile situations. when equipped with the optional K-25m keyboard unit, the D-05 is a compact multifunctional device 25-speed sensitivity keys.

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