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ROLAND Announced AEROPHONE AE-10G In New Graphite Black Finish


Roland announces Aerophone AE-10G in black graphite, delivering the Aerophone structure to two models. Aerophone is an innovative digital wallboard that offers a range of traditional saxophone and single reed instrument sounds with authentic replicas and playability.

There are many other acoustic instruments as well as synthesizer sounds optimized for ventilation control. With the AE-10G, Roland offers a rich dark metallic color for Aerophone players with the pure white finish of the AE-10 standard.

Aerophone, a key arrangement similar to the acoustic saxophone, is an easy transition for saxophone players at all levels from the beginning to the development. The Sensitive Mounted Breathing Nozzle Sensor includes a bite detector rod that allows the regulation of expressive techniques such as vibrato and tone.

Equipped with sounds of soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, Aerophone offers all the necessary saxophone players in a convenient device. With the help of advanced SuperNATURAL modeling technology, the sounds play dynamically and articulate, as well as their acoustic partners.

With the convenient Full Range function, the user can switch automatically between the saxophone types with the key. Aerophone includes a number of other sound effects such as clarinet, flute, oboe, trumpet, violin and much more that use SuperNATURAL technology to fit faithfully with the original. Also included are the latest Roland synth sounds tailored specifically to wind speeds with fully optimized ventilation control.

Aerophone can be operated with six AA batteries and is compact and light. It is equipped with built-in speakers to control the sound and to connect headphones or external amplifiers or PAs. There is also a sound input that can interfere with interfering music from your smartphone or music player.

With Aerophone users to connect it to a computer to play soft synthesizers and record the MIDI tracks in DAW, all thanks to USB MIDI support. The free Aerophone editor allows users to customize the audio, create the list of voice and much more with iOS or Android mobile devices.

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