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ReCycle-A Loop Editor Software From Propellerhead Is On Sale


ReCycle, a popular loop editor software from Propellerhead is on sale for limited time only. ReCycle helps you to make your grooves more creative. ReCycle lets you use and mangle sampled loops like you can do with beats programmed from individual drum sounds, for ex. altering the tempo, or replace samples and sounds and process them individually.

Recycle is a tool that quickly edits sampled parts, chops up the riffs, slice, remix. You can rearrange the loop, change the feel of it, replace parts of the loop with other samples, pitch it, and much more.ReCycle turns concrete-rigid loops into musical modeling clay, allowing you, the loopiest, to do pretty much what you desire.

REX is the native file format of ReCycle. A REX file contains the original audio of the loop, the slices you have applied in ReCycle, and any effects or processing you have added in ReCycle.

You can also use your REX files in as audio by importing them directly onto Audio Tracks in Reason’s sequencer. When you import a REX file as audio, it is automatically stretched to fit the tempo of your Record songs.

REX files are supported by all major music software titles.

More Info: Propellerhead ReCycle 2.2

About Propellerhead

Propellerhead Software is based in Stockholm, Sweden, that creates music software company and founded in 1994. It is based known for their popular DAW Reason.

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