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Psychic Modulation has updated EchoMelt to v2.0


Psychic Modulation is updating EchoMelt, it is an important update that will fix an issue with a VST ID conflict. The reason for this conflict is that the EchoMelt and Phonec VST versions have the same unique ID, which may cause some potential issues in some hosts. PM said “Most hosts won’t even notice this conflict, but to be safe we are going to fix this.”

New Features:

Randomize switches for each effect section
Each effect is now can be randomized separately

Single/Dual switches for Echo controls
For Echo: Rate, Length, and Shift. Clicking these will constrain the dual controls to one control. When in single mode, it will follow the Left control. So for example, if L Rate is 1/4 and R Rate is 1/8, switching to single mode will be 1/4.

This can be fun to switch back and forth, because you can hear the result in the delay path, creating interesting effects.

Echo Input Control
This is the Input level going into the Echo. It works like a ‘send’ control for the delay. This can be very useful for dub echo effects. If set at 0, no signal is sent into the delay. Set to max is full signal into the delay.

So essentially, this can be used for sending in bits and fragments of the signal for momentary delays that will continue to feedback even after the Input is lowered. Try this on a drum loop, turning the Input up and down for only certain drum hits. Even more fun is to use this while tweaking the Length controls for some truly dubbed out sounds.

Load/Save MIDI CC Map
This new option is located in the main preset ‘Menu’.  It allows you to save your MIDI CC maps as a separate file. Normally, all MIDI learn settings are saved with the Bank. With this feature, you can save those settings to load up into other banks.

Or you can have different sets of MIDI assignments ready to load up for different controllers if needed. We have also added an option to change the MIDI channel, found on the ‘about’ panel.

Chorus Melt speed can now be controlled via Melt Speed 1
Use the first speed control on the main Melt panel to control the rate of the Chorus’s own Melt.

More Info: Psychic Modulation – EchoMelt

About Psychic Modulation

Psychic Modulation creates VST and Audio Unit plugin synthesizers, drum machines and effects for Mac and Windows based host applications such as Ableton Live, Cubase, Reaper, Sonar and FL Studio.

Psychic Modulation plugins are geared towards the experimental electronic musician or anyone who wants something out of the ordinary to use in their music.

Ambient vector synthesizers, drum machines with random probability, and a quirky ‘analog flux synthesizer’ inspired by the sound of worn out VHS tapes are only some of the music machines you will find on these pages. You will also find a wide range of freeware to choose from.

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