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Plugin Alliance Releases Unfiltered Audio SpecOps At Intro Discount

Plugin Alliance Unfiltered Audio SpecOps

SpecOps is a dozen plugins in one plugin. The easy-to-use interface has a packaging jam that has 36 different and flexible spectral effects ranging from good to extreme. The use of effective devices is limited only by creative imagination: conversion of synthesizer presets with new sound quality, oscillating grunge recording for drum loops, flattening of tracks, fine clarification for complete mixes or recognition of organic instruments and vowels of a variety of special effects.

The magic starts the whole powerful analysis engine that instantly splits the frequency sound of thousands of small chips or “bin” processing in real time. The peak and frequency of change or a freezing effect apply to all containers, but this is just the beginning. You can add up to three unique spectral effects simultaneously using the

You can add up to three unique spectral effects simultaneously using the drop-down menus in an instant – a different frequency band is required for each processor! They then compress or expand thousands of frequency bands simultaneously and independently of Spectral Compander simple controls for wide-ranging effects of subtle dynamics regulation for pumping and distorting such distortions.

The badge stretch modulation system can use up to six built-in modulator – including a powerful 16-step sequencer, post-sample input and macro control noise maintenance and four different LFO – and at the same time any of the control. This includes the ROLI Lightpad support, allowing the three-dimensional parameters of the movement on the fly effects of production and live performance.

The applications are in fact unlimited and extend to a moderate processing from the composition to a serious sound. SpecOps is the intergeneric carrier for new worlds in electronic and experimental music: Tired and static synthesizers come to life when they modulate levels, filtering, level, noise or distortion in different frequency bands, Dream.

Experimental composers and sound engineers can use the SpecOps train capture effect to brutally transform the hi-hat trajectory into strange static decompositions or sound like the r2d2 sore throat. SpecOps is also a destructive weapon of an industrial musician: modifying a frequency-dependent crusher on an electric bass track to add an unpleasant background distortion that blows perfectly with your music over time.


  • Powerful, multi-faceted processing has wide-ranging uses in music production, sound design, and live performance
  • 36 spectral effects can be applied – three at a time – to different frequency ranges with extremely high resolution
  • Spectral effects include filters, amplitude manipulators, pitch and frequency shifters, audio freezers, data compressors, glitchy processors and a clipper – each of which can act on a different, independently adjustable frequency band
  • Additional wideband processors – two pitch shifters, a frequency shifter and Freeze effect – optionally process input signal before spectral effects are applied
  • Spectral Compander can gently or severely compress or expand dynamics for all other effects—both spectral and wideband—independently in thousands of frequency slices at once
  • Analog-style, two-pole Low Pass filter softens high frequencies in plugin’s summed wet output signal
  • Continuously variable Mix control blends wet and dry signals, allowing light application of outrageous effects
  • Unfiltered Audio’s flagship freely assignable modulation system includes seven built-in modulators – a powerful 16-step sequencer, input follower, sample and hold noise, macro control, and four different LFOs – all of which can be routed simultaneously to any and all control knobs and sliders
  • Included external patch allows connection to a ROLI BLOCKS Lightpad, which provides tactile control over SpecOps’ control knobs and sliders for studio production and live performance
  • High-resolution Visualizer offers six display modes ranging from a basic waveform display to a technicolor array of spectral bins


More Info: plugin-alliance

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