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Plugin Alliance and Brainworx has released the bx_console E Plugin A British E Series Mixing Console Emulation


Plugin Alliance and Brainworx teamed again to announce the release of a 72-channel British E Series mixing console emulation bx_console E Plugin. You have already heard British E Series mixing console on many countless hit records by artists including Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, Metallica, Sting, Genesis and so.

Each channel includes a comprehensive Compressor/Limiter, full-featured Expander/Gate, powerful 4-band Parametric EQ, and wide-ranging High Pass and Low Pass filters—with incredibly flexible signal routing just like in the original analog console.

But with TMT, each channel produces slightly different frequency and phase responses, as well as differing compression and gate characteristics—exactly like in a real analog console. These slight variations add the complexity, nuance, depth, and width for which analog is so deeply treasured.

bx_console E is CPU friendly and lets you instantiate dozens of instances of the plugin across your DAW project. bx_console E adds many features that greatly expand the power and flexibility of the plugin far beyond that of the original console.

The handy Mix (Dry / Wet) control creates super-size parallel compression effects lickety-split, adding density to vocals and electric guitar tracks alike while fully preserving detail. Use the optional secondary release-time control to prevent the compressor from pumping on delicate acoustic tracks.

The THD control adds colorful saturation and density (on a per-channel basis!) to more than just vocals, bass, and electric guitar tracks: crank it up when compressing room mics for rock drums, for a more aggressive sound.



  • Models the classic British E Series mixing console, offering 72 different channels.
  • Full-featured channel strip includes a Compressor/Limiter, Expander/Gate, 4-band parametric EQ, and wide-ranging High Pass and Low Pass filters.
  • Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT, Patent Pending) simulates channel-to-channel variances of electronic components for the most realistic analog sound.
  • “Brown” and “Black” EQ revisions can be swapped independently per channel with the click of a mouse.
  • HF and LF EQ bands can be independently switched to provide either bell-curve or shelving response.
  • EQ can be placed before or after the Dynamics section (Compressor/Limiter and Expander/Gate), in the audio path, or routed to the Dynamics’ side chain.
  • High Pass and Low Pass filters’ frequency ranges can be independently shifted by a factor of three to reach far into the midrange band.
  • High Pass and Low Pass filters can be placed in the audio path or the Dynamics’ side chain.
  • Compressor/Limiter features continuously variable Threshold, Ratio, wet/dry Mix and two-stage Release controls; a dedicated High Pass filter; and a toggle for Auto- and Fast-attack times.
  • Expander/Gate features continuously variable Threshold, Range and Release controls; two alternate Threshold ranges; and an Auto-/Fast-attack toggle.
  • Swap E and G Series Compressor VCAs independently per channel with the click of a mouse.
  • Expander/Gate features continuously variable Threshold, Range and Release controls and an Auto-/Fast-attack toggle.
  • Gate features continuously variable Hysteresis control that prevents on-off chattering when input signal level fluctuates around the threshold.
  • Expander Invert function lets you hear just the portion of a signal that will be gated or expanded, helping you set the most effective threshold.
  • Dynamics section can be keyed by an external sidechain input signal.
  • Continuously variable THD control adds colorful saturation independently per channel.
  • Continuously variable Virtual Gain control adds simulated analog noise independently per channel.
  • Comprehensive metering and monitoring facilities incl. M/S solo features.
  • EUCON parameter mapping provided for Avid controllers, including the S6 control surface.


bx_console E is available for purchase as an AAX Native & DSP-, AU-, VST2-, and VST3-supporting plugin for Mac OS X (10.8 through 10.12), Windows (7 through 10), and Pro Tools 10.3.10 (or higher) — exclusively from Plugin Alliance for an introductory promo price of $179.00 USD until August 31, 2017, rising to $299.00 USD thereafter.

BUY / DOWNLOAD HERE: bx_console E

About Plugin Alliance

Plugin Alliance LLC– based in Wilmington, Delaware with offices in Santa Cruz, California– is far more than just a web site. Plugin Alliance is a new “Über-standard”, supporting all major plug-in formats and uniting some of the best-known international audio companies under one, virtual roof.

Plugin Alliance empowers world-renowned analog hardware companies with a digital strategy and provides software developers with services that allow them to develop products with increasing quality and quantity.

About Brainworx

Brainworx Music & Media GmbH is a developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and audio effects, used in recording, mixing, mastering, post production, and live sound. The company’s headquarters are located in Leichlingen, Germany.

Since the mid-2000s, Brainworx software has been available as plugins for most popular audio hosts and platforms, including native Audio Units, VST, & AAX versions for Mac OS and Windows, along with versions for VENUE, UAD, and other proprietary hardware systems. Brainworx is known for their innovative M/S technologies and high-quality plugins.

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