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Newfangled Audio and Eventide released EQuivocate auditory graphic EQ plug-in

Eventide EQuivocate

EQuivocate is an ideal equalizer to change the sound naturally, making it perfect for mixing and mastering. Because EQuivocate uses filters that shaped in the human ear, each of the 26 orbits tickles the other part of the inner ear and any combination of adjustments is natural as “human” possible. Combined with a linear phase filter that reduces pre-echo, EQuivocate is an EQ that is clearly audible.

Use the EQuivocate Match EQ function to make the sound of your track match or complement the audio signal streamed to its side chain. You can use it so that the final master agrees with the pitch of a reference bar or will help add a sound to a dense mix.

Unlike other EQ plug-ins, EQuivocate transparent without trying to model the imperceptible differences that could lead to an unnatural sound of the EQ. You are your favorite song custom tracks and instantly change your voice.


• Simple yet musical, the 26 linear-phase auditory filters are shaped to approximate the critical band filters in your ear.
• Match EQ feature matches the tone of one track to another. Blend two tracks to sound like they came from the same source, compliment each
other for better separation, or make a final master have a similar tone to a reference track!
• Click and swipe your mouse across the gain slider field to draw an EQ curve. Then toggle DRAW CURVE off to fine tune.
• Use the OUTPUT level AUTO button to automatically compensate for level changes introduced by the EQ.
• Solo the output of one or more bands to easily find problem frequencies.
• Add or remove filters to customize your sound.
• Includes artist presets from Richard Devine, Jeremy Lubsey, Alex Saltz, Sebastian Arocha Morton, Richard X, and John McCaig.
• Start with the presets or create your own. Use the COMPARE button to toggle between two unique settings.

EQuivocate is exclusively available through Eventide (as an AAX/AU/VST plug-in for Mac OS X 10.7+ and Windows 7+) for free until October 31, 2017 — rising to an MSRP of $99.00 USD.

More Info: EQuivocate (free until 31st OCT)

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