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New Plugin – Torque From Waves with Huge Discount for Limited Time

Waves Torque

Enhance the sound of snares, toms, kicks, or drum complete sets in the mix with natural sound results that do not have a regular pitch shifter. The key to good sound mixing is the balance of the drum sound. However, as a mixer, we do not always get perfectly adjusted or fixed drums

Torque is a precision drum changer that helps to save high-quality drums, lift them up to a wrench and increase sound without pulling or replacing it without the objects presented by conventional tone changes and without losing the body, sound, vibration or attack.

By extracting Organic ReSynthesis® technology from the Waves, Torque detects and analyzes the formation, amplitude, and carrier of the drum, reassembles it and allows it to manipulate the characteristics of sound and tone while maintaining natural attack, resonance and sound original.

With intuitive controls and zero latency, Torque is perfect for both studios and live shows where FOH engineers are now able to handle the troublesome drum show or even the average song.


  • Tone shifter for acoustic and electronic drums
  • Adjusts drum timbre & pitch without retriggering or replacing
  • Accurately shifts by +/- 1200 cents (12 semitones / 1 octave)
  • Focus section for precision formant/frequency control
  • Precision threshold & trim controls
  • Torque Live component with zero latency
  • Driven by Waves’ Organic ReSynthesis® technology

More Info: Waves Torque

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