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Little Plate Reverb by Soundtoys is Free for Limited Time


Soundtoys announced new plugin Little Plate Reverb which is priced $99 is free for the only limited time until 22nd November, iLok account is required which is free. Little Plate Reverb is capable to emulate the legendary EMT 140 plate reverb, if you have read my reverb tutorial then you know EMT was first to develop plate reverbs.

As you know, that Soundtoys are obsessed with legendary hardware, this time they collected multiple EMT plate reverbs hardware units around the country to study and get the accurate emulation, the result is Little Plate Reverb.

The user interface is minimal, easy to understand and use and it sounds amazing, I must tell you! The plugin has three knobs and one on/off button to turn modulation on or off.

First big and most useful knob of this reverb plugin is Decay (in Seconds) which allows you to set the reverb time as you like, the decay can go up to infinite just so you know.

Other two knobs are for controlling the reverb sound, low cut for tame some low end and mix knob for balancing between the dry and wet sound in addition to mode button which is useful if you want to add mild coloration to the reverbed sound, presets are created by professional designers and are good starting point to use in your mixes.

Anyways, Little Plate Reverb is free until 22nd November and after that, the price will be $99. Download and try on your own, it is worth trying and is free.

Free Download (limited time)/More Info: Little Plate Reverb (Available as VST, AAX, AU for 32bit/64bit Mac & Windows)

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