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Keith McMillen Instruments Announce Availability of BopPad Smart Sensor Electronic Drum Pad Controller


Keith McMillen who succeeded in successfully breaking the Kickstarter campaign’s goals several times to bring the exciting project to life. Keith McMillen Instruments, the developer of innovative hardware and software, is proud to announce the availability of the production version of BopPad, which extends the company’s product-specific intelligence as a smart sensor as a drum pad driver as another attractive point of pruning.

BopPad is a Universal Serial Bus (USB) drive, an expressive electronic pad controller for drummers, percussionists, and hobbyists. As such, precise detection of speed, radiation sensitivity and continuous pressure on a fast playing surface.


Faster than you can shake a stick in? Absolutely – as attested by its incredible latency of less than 3ms! BopPad’s advanced architecture allows for an innovative instrument that “sees” every gesture, hit, or tap to truly respond to the nuances of any percussion performance, perfectly measuring the speed of attack from the smoothest actions of percussion to the most brutal percussion attack.

Its core is a strong, tuned elastomer surface with a patented Keith McMillen Instruments intelligent 10 mm fabric sensor technology. Quadrants independently programmable – highlighted by cables visible in the production version
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), notes, speed, pitch bend, pressure and CC (Control Changes). Creative, serves to provide a traditional atmosphere for performers and adding the expressiveness dimension that is further enhanced by the BopPad editor.

Available as desktop download and web-based editor that uses a new MIDI API to create and save presets from your browser, this will allow all of them these are simultaneously playable quadrants that are going to play six simultaneously recorded six expressive timbres timbres, which means BopPad can be reproduced not only as a traditional drum if you start a single sound from its entire surface but build a drum set create another sound for each quadrant so that a single BopPad can conveniently handle multiple parallel percussion instruments goals.


However, this is achieved by the continuous variation of the radial detection from the center to the edge, with a continuous pressure response to either parameter that allows for traditional and experimental game styles like no other! After saving the presets in BopPad, there is no the BopPad Editor software must be run during use.

Easy to start; simply plug and play USB through any mobile device, laptop or desktop computer. Critically As Class Compatible MIDI, BopPad works with all music software. In fact, the production version of BopPad Keith McMillen Instruments, the devices have built-in five-pin DIN hardware support with its own MIDI extension that allows you to use BopPad with independent capability, external drum machines, hardware synthesizers or rack effects through power and connectivity. do not equipment (necessarily) needed!

Whatever users do with BopPad, percussive performance is the innovative heart. You can work comfortably in
a traditional practical pad with a realistic feel and portable design, lightweight – sturdiness that is, even more, thanks to like the anodized aluminum USB cover, which is as hard as the protector, so it is not the odds of dyeing the effects of wear, never accidentally knocking the USB cable itself! BopPad is in all respects robust, ready go anywhere and play so hard that the user finds fit.


Keith McMillen Instruments to bring BopPad to the ultimate form, a proud moment – it is so responsive,
at a price so attractive that it is very demanding. So what better way to conclude your last word about what the last word is? expressive design of electronic drum control as the founder and CEO of the company Keith McMillen recognized sound and music about 30 years innovative technology.

“For years we’ve been asked to make a drum pad with our patented Smart Fabric Sensor technology — a control surface that would integrate seamlessly into a standard drum kit or work perfectly on its own, so we made BopPad, the smart sensor electronic drum pad controller… time to give the drummer some!” – Keith McMillen Instruments Founder & CEO Keith McMillen, 2017.

More Info: Keith McMillen Instruments BopPad

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