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Free Stereo Imager VST plugin has released by Press Play

PPlug Stereo Helper

Press Play has released a Stereo Helper which is a free stereo imager vst plugin. Stereo Helper is an audio effect that will help you control your stereo mix.

This free stereo enhancer is very lightweight on CPU with zero latency, hence can be used on individual mix channel or on the master track channel.

Useful features like mid/side processing, width control, stereo enhancement and a mono compatibility checker are included in the very nice minimal user interface.

Other features:

  • Preview mid or side channel of your stereo tracks
  • Add mid and side channel gain
  • Add depth to audio signals with a natural sounding delay effect
  • Indicate whether your input signals are mono
  • Control the stereo width
  • Check for mono compatibility
  • Panning, phase inversion, left/right swap

Free Download/More Info: Free Stereo Helper (available as vst2, vst3 for 32 bit & 64 bit Win users)

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