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D16 Group releases Toraverb 2, A Reverb Vst Plugin at Intro Price


Toraverb 2 is a space modulated reverberation i.e. algorithmic reverb. Its design is not based on any standard algorithm but is a concept solution. Toraverb 2 has a high-quality broadcast network based on modified full-pitch filters that have additional modulation parameters for the broadcast network that is responsible for the timely dispersion of sound waves.

The modulation changes the tone of the reverberant tail so that it has a more realistic effect on the propagation of the sound. The amount of modulation is controlled independently for early and late reflections.

Toraverb 2 also includes a spatial reflection algorithm that is a cross-over concept of stereo waves that reflects the stereo channels. These models show what is happening in the real world if only the sound in the left ear is heard and heard in both ears.

There are two independent, single-track, fully parametric equalizers, each with 3 available curve types. One for EQ for early reflections and the other for EQ for late reflections.

Toraverb has a built-in ducker that compresses the amplitude of the FX signal proportionally with the sound of the dry/wet input without the need for a complementary side chain compression unit for the DAW FX chain.

More Info: D16 Group Toraverb 2

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