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ComBear a Free Parallel Compressor VST by WA Production


WA Production has released ComBear, an awesome dynamic parallel compressor plugin for making your tracks shine and dime and the best thing, it is absolutely free to download and use.

Making a track is one part but mixing the track in such a way that it shines through all the tracks released every day is another part. One of the important tools from the professional mix and master engineers plugin vault is Compressor plugin. Click on how to use compressor If you want to know how audio compressor works.

ComBear is your next goto compressor for all music production purposes, it is a parallel compressor plugin. The parallel compression means in simple words, take the original audio track (individual or group or Bus), and mix that audio track with the compressed track. The ComBear make it very easy because of its mix knob. Just adjust this knob according to how much parallel compression you need.

The user interface is very minimal yet extremely powerful, with two big knobs for compression and mix, two sliders for input and makeup gain, visual representation, a funny bear face that changes its face as you increase or decrease the compress knob, and one on/off button for bypassing the plugin.

There are no attack, release, and threshold in the plugin all of these might be handled inside the plugins algorithm. It adds or you can say this plugin enhances the transient of an audio. It is light on CPU and can be used on individual tracks and on the final mix. The free download is available in Plugin Boutique.

Free Download/More Info: ComBear by WA Production

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