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CineHarps By Cinesamples The All new orchestral harps library Available Now


CineHarps the latest in the CineSymphony Series is a completely new orchestral harp library recorded at the MGM Scoring Stage that fits well into every setting.

CineHarps records scoring in three different positions: multiple hinged and prominent dots, precise glissandi and incredibly robust effects. Whether the composition requires classic harness techniques or a hybrid sound design approach, CineHarps offers composers the richest harp sounds.

Like any other CineSymphony directory, the CineHarps library does not require any additional sampling software and is authorized to use Native Instrument for Kontakt Player.

CineHarps means to add a new perspective mode. If Perspective mode is activated, a slider will appear to soften the overlap between the Close, Room, and Surround microphone perspectives. This slider is automatically added to the modulation wheel so you can immediately control the relative depth of the device.

Gliss mode moves the white keys according to the selected notes and pedal diagram. This allows easy glissandi play on the white keys. If the Gliss Mode button is active, be aware that attacks on the fastest sentences are softened smoothly. The faster you play, the smoother the attack.

All you need is a sequencer like Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, LIVE, Pro Tools, Cakewalk or even Apple GarageBand, and it works.

More Info: CineHarps

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