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Brainworx Releases bx_console N: A British N Series Console Emulation VST


Brainworx releases new vst plugin bx_console N which is an emulation of world famous a British N Series console emulation.

The new bx_console N builds the impressive naming console emulation of the original plugin with the two high-performance features required by users: channel saturation control and random single-click assignments for each instance of bx_console N in the mix.

Bx_console N does not provide 72 identical sound copies of a Name Mixer channel. Thanks to Brainworx’s revolutionary tolerance modeling technology, the 72 selectable bx_console N channels simulate another NXX VXS channel by modeling moderate channel variations in analog component values. Pack a bunch of bx_console N plugins into the mix and get the deep, wide and percussive analog multi-channel voice of Classic Snow VXS inside the DAW!

Typical channel planes model only one channel of a mixer. No matter how many copies of a single-channel plugin you use, you’ll get the same equalization and compression curves with the same frequency and phase spacing. Even if you use different control settings for each plugin for each plugin, you can get flat, narrow, and two-dimensional digital sound.

Bx_console N contains many new and modern modes and functions in the original Neve VXS console, greatly improving the performance and flexibility of plugins. A new compressor/limiter mix (dry/wet) controls the monster sound marks and your own face to play the guitar with parallel compression.

  • Owners of bx_console who purchased bx_console E and/or bx_console G get bx_console N for free!
  • Owners of bx_console who have not purchased bx_console E or G can upgrade for $29.

More Info: Plugin Alliance

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