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Audio Wonder Plucked Piano A Kontakt Library Review

Audio Wonder Plucked Piano

Brief Overview

The Plucked Piano is new Kontakt library from Audio Wonder.  Plucked piano samples captured from Audio Wonder studio’s Geyer Grand piano via an assortment of high-end Neumann, Royer, and AKG mics run through Neve preamplifiers.

User Interface

Let’s start with the user interface, the interface is very simple, easy to understand and straightforward. The interface contains four sliders assigned different microphones simultaneously and three velocity layers per note.

LDC is the 1st slider which contains closed mic setup (close to the soundboard) featuring AKG 414s mic.

SDC is the 2nd slider which contains spaced mic setup featuring a pair of Neumann KM184s mics.

Ribbon is the 3rd slider which contains a stereo pair mic setup featuring Royer R122 ribbons mics right above the hammers.

Tube is the 4th slider which contains the single Neumann M149 Tube mic which adds the warmth of the tube mic to the overall sound.

Dedicated knobs like filters (Cut off and Resonance and Low pass and High Pass) and effects like delay and reverb add shine to this plucked piano Kontakt library. In short, you have everything you need to tweak the sound according to your taste.


Features Overview

  • 478 Samples used for creating the pluck piano Kontakt library
  • 48khz/24bit quality
  • The library uses 2.62 GB (1.1GB Compressed) of the computer space.
  • 4 microphones: AKG 414s, Neumann KM184s, Royer R122 ribbons mic, Neumann M149 Tube mic.

Audio Demos by Audio Wonder


The plucked piano kontakt library is sounds good, this kontakt library is for various genres, from ambient to EDM music. One thing I liked the most about this kontakt library is it adds shiny and punchy transient to the piano sound I used, and it sounds great when creating cinematic tracks as it has the cinematic vibe/feel.

More Info: Audio Wonder Plucked Piano

The plucked piano Kontakt library sounds good, have cinematic vibe and price is competitive.
73 %
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