DW Drum Enhancer is a drum enhancing audio plugin developed by Audified in collaboration with DW Electronics. DW Drum Enhancer is available as AU, AAX, VST2, VST3 formats for Mac and Windows, at intro price $149 (reg. $199) until 15 Feb 2018. GET IT HERE

Audified has created some decent audio plugins for musicians, mix engineers, mastering engineer, etc. in past, and this time they came up with the new audio plugin DW Drum Enhancer which is the one-stop solution to process the entire drum kit recordings and sample-based drum kit arrangements. It has 4 plugins Noise Gate, Compressor, EQ, and Saturation stored within the one plugin to make drum sound processing easier.

It is one of the most difficult tasks for any music producer to polish the drum sounds, even the experienced mix engineer faces the problems mixing the drums time to time. Things like, should I use EQ first or Compressor and so on confuses the person and this makes him take wrong decision while mixing the drum sounds. Using DW Drum Enhancer will process the drums like it has been mixed in a high-end music studio using analog hardware units.


The four professional plugin modules are included and are ready to use straight after installation. It means you don’t have to use different VST plugins in your processing chain, just put the DW Drum Enhancer and you are ready to go.

The noise gate to get rid of unwanted audio from the drum recordings, use hard knee or soft knee as your requirement. The compressor with 3 different types, two of them sounds analog and one has the purely digital sound. The EQ functions like the 3 band parametric EQ with additional Low Pass and High Pass options. Saturation to add some analog color to the drum sounds, choose from 5 available saturation characters.

The drum type selector to select the module for a different type, like if you are processing kick drums then select from the module from the drums option, select snares if mixing snares and so on.


Now let’s dive little deeper into the design and the important components of this plugin. DW Drum Enhancer is divided into two sections.

This section has the three components, the gate, compressor and the drum type algorithm selector. And it is very portable, instead of using individual audio plugins to do the same job.

The functionality of the gate and the compressor differs, depend on what type of drum type you select. The drum type is the main component of the plugin, it has four sections and each section is further divided into three new sections.

In simple words, you get 12 different algorithms to shape your sounds, instead of tweaking knobs of individual plugins, that you have been doing till now. Select Kick for kick and bass drum sounds, Snare for snare sounds and so on. But do not restrict yourself to use algorithms from Kick for kick drum sounds only try using them on bass or synths, it has the tendency and you will be amazed at the end result.

The compressor can be used as a regular compressor or use it as the parallel compressor to beef up your drum sounds, it really gives you fat sounds. Use lower threshold and set the mix knob at 30 to 50, it will give you punchy sound, use make-up according to your taste.

The right section of the plugin contains EQ, Low pass, and High Pass filters, Saturation, meter, GR and level out knob.

The EQ does not have the frequencies to tweak, but you can change the tonality of the EQ by using different Drum types from the drum type selector. It is a 3 band EQ, to tweak low, mid and the high frequencies. Additional low and high pass filters are very handy to get rid of unwanted frequencies. The EQ position is the very good feature, this feature allows placing EQ before compressor or after the compressor. Set it to PRE to place it before compressor and POST to place it after the compressor.

The next is Saturation, it allows you to add colors to the sounds. This plugin has the advanced model of real valve saturation circuit. Select from the 5 available types, each type has the different tube circuits and frequency response. The metering section can be digital or the analog VU, select as per your needs, the GR (gain reduction) visualizes the accurate gain reduction.


After trying this plugin for some time I can say it really does polish up the drum sounds, it uses some processing but not too much like some other plugins. I also tried it on some other sounds like bass, synths, and guitars, everything sounds good with this plugin.

It has best sounding audio plugins, packed in one plugin. Easy to use, professionally designed presets. It is the only plugin you will need to enhance your drum sounds.
EQ does not have frequencies to select and tweak.


About Audified

Audified is the premier brand of privately-owned Boskovice-based DISK Multimedia, s.r.o. in the Czech Republic, created to develop specialized audio applications, as well as handling the company’s high-end hardware product portfolio. Pioneering the development of audio applications for live (real-time) performance, as well as developing the first audio effects plug-ins for Apple’s Mac OS X, the company created some of the first plug-ins for Power|Core, TC Electronic’s hardware-accelerated DSP platform.

About Drum Workshop

The company was founded by drum educator Don Lombardi in 1972, Drum Workshop, Inc. (DW®) is a premier American musical instrument company best known for designing and manufacturing award-winning drums, pedals, hardware, and accessories under the DW and PDP banners.

DW Drum Enhancer Review
It enhances the drum sounds and gives them professional tonality.
90 %
User Rating 4.28 ( 2 votes)
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