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Antelope Audio Announces DISCRETE 8 Console-Grade Mic Preamp Interface


The Antelope Audio DISCRETE 8 Thunderbolt ™ and USB interface feature 8 discrete microphone preamps with eight high-quality consoles, six fully discrete transistor preamps; 121 dB dynamic range conversion; and the solid rock clock. This includes all the major FPGA FX real-time Antelope Audio, including BAE, Gyraf Audio, LANG and much more.

The Antelope Audio AFX platform – the rapidly expanding hardware modeling engine – allows DISCRETE 8 to add acoustic microphone models and preamplifiers (while retaining the benefits of digital control and reproducibility of benefit levels), guitar amplifiers, with the power of the transformer and tube, with a huge selection of classic vintage gear to your list of recordings. Thanks to the new plug-in ConnectAFX from Antelope Audio, each one accessible through any DAW.

During the work, DISCRETE 8 users can customize settings for quick and easy configuration of different tracking scenarios. The front panel has a large monitor volume and dedicated HP buttons for each output. In addition, the talkback microphone is mounted on the TBK (talkback) button on the front panel. law, however, the conversation can be accessed from the back of the FOOTSWITCH from behind, through EasyPanel or iOS / Android software. Meanwhile, the dosage can be seen front panel display, EasyPanel inside and remote application.

26 inputs / 32 audio output interfaces with eight analog inputs (A1 to A8) with eight analog outputs (standard 25-pin D-SUB connector), one pair MONITOR outputs, two REAMP outputs and a pair of headphone outputs with additional digital connection via S / PDIF IN and OUT with double ADAT I / O, DISCRETE 8 has been developed with extensive research on the legendary microphone preamplifier circuit.

The quality of the console, fully discrete preamplifiers are designed manually the world-class sound and the powerful Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) of Antelope Audio can turn the already acclaimed Accusonic preamplifier in several classic units through the tube, transformer and FET circuits … and all in real time!

Reality means that both engineers and performers immediately listen to the authentic mixes of the 10 different microphone preamps – without delay or annoying comb filtered. Fortunately, the source of the microphone can be recorded with or without the Accusonic model, so engineers can choose between the preamplifier while stirring.

In addition, the whole track is designed for optimal sound with any microphone, but it really shines when working with Antelope Audio new EDGE and VERGE modeling microphones, all designed specifically for DISCRETE 8 preamps with the right discrete electronics.

EDGE and VERGE are ideal for modeling real-time antelope audio preamplifiers. Combined creatively with the company’s already recognized FPGA effects based on vintage hardware with increasing compressors and equalizers, these new modeling microphones are a new era for modern recordings.

The well-appointed EDGE features a double-edged capsule for a smooth/natural sound that replicates the expressive ability and character of the expensive classics microphones – but at no cost. Director of the Board of Directors, CEO of Antelope Audio, designed primarily dedicated, completely separate electronics designed for this purpose while hand-picked capsules are housed in a carefully crafted shell.

The direct result is EDGE a large diaphragm condenser large format microphone offers excellent transient response and multiple polar patterns.

VERGE is distinctly different from the small membrane condenser modeling microphone (rear electret type), which is both color accuracy and high SPL (sound pressure Level). It also has excellent performance and is capable of the character and personality of the smallest membrane in the world capacitors and electrodes.

Entering the incredible world of the modeling engine Accusonic 3D DISCRETE 8 FPGA, users are able to convert EDGE and VERGE to vintage repeats provides full control of proximity, off-axis response and even allows them to change polar patterns during or after recording.

Try it from a collection the classic and expensive mics, and then follow the results while constantly watching the best performance of the musicians. assembly, Antelope Audio new DISCRETE 8 Thunderbolt ™, and USB interface with 8 discrete microphone preamps and EDGE and VERGE modeling microphones by a winning team that brings the stars and performance of all-stars to a new audience.

For example, a DISCRETE 8 is an EDGE and six models VERGE the microphones are capable of running two FPGA string effect inserts and each microphone emulation is a microphone.

From the musical point of view, the real-time FPGA platform offers complete professional studio recording – microphones, preamps, conversion, compressors, equalizers, reverb and monitoring without latency, supported by the signature synchronization of Antelope Audio with a single system, with updated presets.

Do this: Users, you can also load VIP Masters AFX presets where your favorite FPGA effects combinations are regularly displayed in award-winning mixes to transform own productions! The new DISCRETE 8 Thunderbolt ™ and the USB interface of Antelope Audio with 8 discrete microphone preamps in addition to its EDGE and Modeling microphones VERGE, the complete signal path for customizable sound, is waiting for each adoptee.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, consider DISCRETE 8 to save and load preconfigured configurations and replace the full Antelope Audio FPGA Professional audio interfaces, therefore new users and existing owners are not clay, as they use a second device for hiking or traveling, leaving current study teams intact when traveling on the road or working on a job outside of their own work – they can move freely, record anything and at any time with modeling microphones and the DISCRETE 8 Thunderbolt ™ and USB interface with 8 discrete microphone preamps!

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