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A New Pedal From Boss Called As JB-2 ANGRY DRIVER


BOSS presents the angry driver of the JB-2, a new pedal that was developed with JHS pedals to mark the 40th anniversary of the compact BOSS pedals.

In the classic compact design of BOSS, the JB-2 pair is the legendary BOSS BD-2 Blues Driver and the favorite JHS pedals angry high-speed Charlie overdrive in a combination circuit that provides dual mode operation.

The six-way mode selector allows the player to choose between two overdrive models or to combine them in different serial and parallel configurations. This allows the JB-2 to create a powerful sound effect from delicate gains to extremely high gain distortion.

The idea of developing the JB-2 pedal is the common passion of Yoshihiro Ikegami President BOSS and JHS Pedals, Josh Scott, and his passion for innovative pedal design. Blues Driver has long been a favorite pedal for Josh and he thought he was planning his own pedals and starting his own company.

The JB-2 is equipped with concentric three-dimensional buttons that provide independent control of the unit, sound, and level for all types of saturation.

Using the mode selector, the player can adjust the pedal to BOSS or JHS, select two different serial connections to stack or execute the two overlays simultaneously.

At the same time, the six controls create a new pedal, which is very, very good, says Josh. When joints, every interaction and hundreds are ringing.

The JB-2 also includes the mode that allows the player to switch between the two overdrive models with the built-in pedal switch. In addition, the pedal supports multi-mode control with an optional external pedal.

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