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8Dio Studio releases Studio Suspended Non-Tonal Kontakt Instrument & Samples


8Dio Studio Suspended Percussion Non-Tonal is a collection of 41 deep-sampled non-tonal instruments, however, there is a twist.

All the instruments were recorded fully suspended in strings – to maximize their vibration. By letting the instruments hang unobstructed and free in the air, you allow them to fully vibrate.

Even heavy objects such as huge industrial glass panes or ceramic conicals, to vast metal sheets and prepared cymbals, will fully vibrate.

Becoming much more musical in both tone and character. In addition to this, we recorded all the custom instruments with different mallet types (ex. Brushed, Felt, Traditional, Hand) and everything was recorded both as multi-samples and with our new patented Groove Sampling method.

All the custom built and suspended instruments were sampled with an extensive set of options. Including the option to choose from up to 4 individual mallet types, all with round robin variations and multiple dynamics.


  • Intro-Sale: $179 (goes $249 09/20/17)
  • 41 New Suspended Instruments
  • 3 Truly Independent Microphone Positions (Close, Mid, Room)
  • 23 GB (Lossless compressed)
  • 8,500 Samples
  • Multiple Mallet Types
  • Multi-Samples with Round Robin And Dynamics
  • Recorded at 3 tempo synced time divisions (8ths, 16ths, 32nds)
  • Direct download / Cloud Server System
  • Product only available as download
  • Studio Suspended comes lossless compressed at 24 bit / 48 kHz
  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.6 or later required

More Info: 8Dio Studio Suspended Non-Tonal

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